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About Sagegreenlife

Our journey at Sagegreenlife begins with experience in the worlds of horticulture, plant sensors, irrigation systems, and innovative indoor vertical gardens. Our love for plants and sustainable environments is making possible a new kind of living design. 

Plants live all over our space. They make it come alive. Most people don’t get to experience the health and joy of nature. When they walk into their spaces—house, school, office or shop—they leave nature behind. It’s an unhealthy separation, and it’s something we want to change. We wondered: how beautiful and beneficial would it be if every room came alive?

We’re designers, thinkers, growers and entrepreneurs who came together because each of us lives at the intersection of nature + design + technology. We revel at the amazing ways they connect us to life, to freedom and to possibility. That optimistic vision connected us to others who live to grow ideas and push design into new places. It’s how we met and partnered with Daniel Pouzet, our designer, who pushes us to create spectacular living designs.

We’re environmentally friendly by nature. Plus, we’re hard working, big-thinking entrepreneurs who seek to transform our built world into happier, greener living environments.


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