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What is included with purchase?

Included with your purchase is one (1) lamp that supports six (6) plants. The lamp includes grow & ambient lighting, hydroponic growth medium, control panel and electrical power cord. 

What kind of lights does AMBIENTA have?

The modern table lamp, AMBIENTA, utilizes high efficiency LED diodes. Designed as both an ambient lamp and fully functioning grow light, it includes both downward grow light and upward ambient light options.

How does the grow light work?

The grow light has three settings: low (12 hours), medium (16 hours) and high (18 hours). The light itself does not change based on the setting, the length of time that the light stays on will change. Depending on your plant light requirements, set AMBIENTA to low/med/high on the control panel and the grow light will automatically provide the appropriate cycle for your plants.

What is the power of the LED lights?

AMBIENTA uses high efficiency LED diodes that are not only energy efficient, but provide the specific light requirements for plants to thrive. The specialized LED grow lights emit a pleasant white light, not violet or red shades like traditional grow light systems.

On average LED’s last 42x longer, are 88% more energy efficient and save you 90% in energy costs than the average incandescent.

How much electricity does the lamp use? How much will it cost?

AMBIENTA uses high efficiency LED diodes and when both the grow and ambient lights are on, it uses a total of 11 watts. The total average annual electric cost for the lamp is less than $15!

How long do the bulbs last? Where can I buy replacements?

The LEDs have an average life of 30,000 hours.  Because they are specifically designed for AMBIENTA, there are not currently replacements available.

Is the lamp UL certified?

Yes, AMBIENTA is UL and CUL certified for North America.  We are working on getting it approved for other markets in the future as well.

What is inside the base of the lamp that allows plants to grow?

All sagegreenlife products use the same an all-natural, hydroponic growth medium that creates a very efficient delivery system for water and nutrients. It is made of volcanic rock that is melted down and spun into a wool-like substance, which is why it's known as rockwool.

What happens if I unplug the lamp or the power goes out?

If AMBIENTA is unplugged or your power goes out, it will automatically default back to the low grow light setting once power is restored.  Traveling and the power goes out?  No problem. The default low light setting will be enough to keep your plants alive once the power comes back on.

How do I clean AMBIENTA? Will there be mold/algae?

The hydroponic growth medium in the base of the lamp is inert, meaning that mold will not grow in it like other soil based options. And because there is no standing water, you won’t have to worry about any smell, algae or other unpleasant side effects that could result from having a standing water tank. We recommend cleaning the exterior of the lamp with either a damp rag or an all-natural cleaning solution that won’t impact the plant life.

After some amount of time, the top of the plugs may turn a greenish color as a result of consistent exposure to the high powered LED. This is perfectly natural and does not pose any risk to you or your plants.

Can I use AMBIENTA outside?

No, the lamp contains electrical elements that are designed for indoor use only.



What is included with purchase?

EDELWHITE comes in a single frame, two hanging screws and a handy hanging template for easy set up. Simply use the hanging template to mark your wall, ensure it is level, and hang. It can also be placed as a centerpiece or grouped together to form a wall.

Can I use the frame outside?

Yes, EDELWHITE can be used indoors or outdoors.

How do I set it up?

EDELWHITE comes in one assembled piece. All you have to do is add plants into the reservoirs.

How do I water EDELWHITE?

For initial watering, pour roughly 25 fluid ounces of water (about 1.5 water bottles) evenly throughout all six plant reservoirs while EDELWHITE is positioned face-up on a flat surface. This ensures that the initial watering is evenly distributed throughout the growth medium. After the initial watering, simply water EDELWHITE in the top center watering dimple. Water according to the recommendations for your plants.

Do I have to take EDELWHITE off the wall to water it?

We recommend that you do the initial watering while it is lying face up on a flat surface, but after that, no.  You can continue to water it while it hangs on your wall.

When I water the frame, will it leak water onto my wall?

EDELWHITE is water tight, so you don’t need to worry about water damaging your walls or anything below.

What does it mean when you say EDELWHITE is "modular"?

The leaf pattern on EDELWHITE, when hung in next to other frames, flows continuously to create a seamless living pattern. Hang multiple frames to create your own living art piece.

How do I clean EDELWHITE?

We recommend cleaning the exterior of the lamp with either a damp rag or an all-natural cleaning solution that won’t impact the plant life.

Because the growth medium is inert and therefore will not grow mold, you will never need to clean the inside of EDELWHITE.



What if I need to update my billing information?

Not a problem. If you’ve created an account, simply log-in and update your information. Or, if you don’t have an account, send us an email at any time.

What if I need to change my order?

Not a problem! Send us an email at with your order number and the changes you need to make as soon as possible. If your order has not yet been processed, we will make every effort to make corrections. Please understand that once processing has begun it is too late for us to make any changes.